Sunday, September 3, 2006

Almost There

Well, after two trips to the market and nearly an entire day of readying the house for guests, I think we are just about set for this Labor Day barbecue. My "To Do List" is down from four little pages to one, and consists of:

  • Mow front lawn.
  • One more trip to the market, need: 1 large Hershey chocolate bar for bonfire s'mores and 2 bags of ice for coolers.
  • Sweep back porch.
  • Replenish toilet paper supply in both bathrooms.
  • Vacuum rug in family room.
  • Play chess.

All the while I am mentally preparing myself for the chance of rain. There is a possibility that 20-25 people could be traipsing mud all over my house tomorrow and delicious s'mores will have to go unmade. Here's to hoping that will not happen!

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