Thursday, August 9, 2007

Vegas, Baby!

I don't consider myself an independent person. If something has to be done, and I have to do it alone, I will, but if I can avoid going it alone I will by all means. I don't like to make phone calls to the cable company or our mothers alike, and I don't like to go shopping by myself, either. I would actually rather put up with Jon nagging me about how long I'm taking than go by myself and take my good old time. It's weird, I know, but I don't mind it most of the time; however, it makes this time of year a little uncomfortable. Jon has a business conference in September every year, and it usually leaves me alone for a week. Half of the bed is empty, there is only one person to cook for, and all of those little, pesky tasks that I usually drag him along for? Yeah, those are all mine, too. During these solitary weeks I don't generally get much done. It's like all of my focus and interest goes on the trip with him.

Each year has gotten a little easier. I think it's because a) I'm not nearly as needy as I was in my early twenties when he started taking these trips, and b) I usually spend the weeks leading up to it pumping myself up for all of the things I get to do while he isn't here, like watching the chick flicks that he won't come within ten miles of, and getting away with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner (he doesn't do sandwiches for dinner). I also think it's easier because I've gotten to know a lot of his co-workers and I know that they are pretty cool guys who aren't going try talking him into exploring the hotel's topless pool upon arrival. It's shameful that it has taken this long, but I am much more comfortable in my own skin than I was 5 years ago.

The only thing that could possibly make his absence a little harder this time is that his conference is in Las Vegas this year and I am quite jealous. My retaliation is to leave for New York City the day after he comes back.

I drove him and two other guys to the airport at 6:15 this morning. One of the guys parked his sporty, yellow Mitsubishi Lancer in my garage and I have the keys (last year I was left with a silver Hyundai Tiburon). Let's hope I don't get too restless. I might be tempted to see just how fast it will go.

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