Thursday, February 3, 2011

I found an angel in my mailbox today

The hall at my parents complex didn't work out for Owen's first birthday party so we'll have to cram the whole family into our house. I'll admit a few stress-induced tears were shed when I first found out, but the invitations arrived today (finally!) and made up for it:

 I say finally because I was a little late in ordering them anyway and the recent "adverse weather conditions" delayed the shipment even further -- what a mess! By the time I get them addressed and mailed the family will be lucky to have a week's notice, but hey, they're super cute so it's all good!

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Jennifer said...

These invites are SO ADORABLE! I have come to the realization that Max's birthday is in 19 days and I gotta get crackin' with my party planning too! Enjoy Owen's First Birthday Party! :)