Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just Kate

Dear my most loyal readers,

We have a couple of matters to discuss:

1. No, I'm not dead, but it has been incredibly sweet of you to stop by so often and hit refresh two or three times to ensure you didn't miss out on my bi-monthly (sometimes less...) updates. I love you very much for that.

2. We need to talk about this blog. Deciphering Kate was created almost 7 years ago by a girl I hardly know anymore. She was a sweet girl--quite a lovely girl, actually--but she was a very naive girl who had absolutely no idea where life was taking her. She was curious and she was scared and she was brilliant in her own way, but she was silly for thinking the key to life was over-thinking every little aspect and trying to "find who she is". I don't believe time was wasted as I very much enjoy going back and reading what she had to say, but I do think perhaps many opportunities were lost and experiences missed because she spent so much time writing about who she wanted to be instead of getting out there, meeting people by living her life and just BEING who she was.

I guess what I'm trying to say is there is no "deciphering" left to do. I'm a 30-something year old mother to two awesome little boys. My next 3 hours are already planned at any given time--making a trip to the grocery store, then giving the boys a bath, then walking/jogging 2 miles on the treadmill, then I have got to get some sleep--there is no time left for looking to my inner self and pleading to be someone cool and put-together. I'm already Wonder Woman for crying out loud!

"Deciphering Kate" no longer describes my life and as hard as I've tried, I have not been successful at writing about my now life from within my then life. So, I guess it is officially over. Deciphering Kate has ended.

It's been real, yo.
With my utmost love and respect,
Your friend,

P.S. But not so fast! I still love to write. I still love to write about myself. I still love to share photos of my children and update my friends and family who live so far away which means I still need a blog. I'm really excited to show you a new project I've been working on that will help me continue writing about my now life and hopefully solve that pesky problem with the whole bi-monthly (sometimes less...) updates. Without further ado I give you... Chick Flicks & Superheroes - one mom's perspective on raising two super little men and making the most of her own time. You should totally check it out! But don't forget to update your bookmarks and blog lists.

P.P.S. Aren't you glad there was a third matter to discuss?? Me too. :)

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