Friday, July 21, 2006

Sleep Could Also Do Wonders For Me

I foresee this weekend as being one of self-maintenance, both physically and mentally. I have various little things that I either started and did not finish or I have added to my mental checklist of to do's but never got around to. I plan to take Dr. Phil's advice seriously this weekend and take on those unfinished photo boxes and flower beds overflowing with weeds, even picking up all of the little twigs that have accumulated in my backyard thanks to our summer storms. I want to put more time and effort into my grocery list this week, concentrating on fruits and vegetables because I think my body could really use those good nutrients right now. I could also use a personal spa day full of manicures and pedicures and thick, greasy conditioner to shine and tame my curly mane.

First things first, I'm taking on a few weeks worth of laundry. Wish me luck.

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