Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You Learn Something New Everyday

Jon and I found a park the other day, just around the corner from our house. It wasn't the first time we had been there but it was the first time we had actually explored it. (It's not very busy and I found it the perfect place to teach my little sister how to drive last summer.) It turns out this place has a wide open field perfect for playing frisbee with Jack. It also has a 1.8 mile hiking trail and a hill designed specifically for winter sled riding complete with bonfire pit to keep your phalanges warm. I can't believe we have been missing out on this. We've been taking Jack there every day to run around (ignoring the signs that advise keeping your dog leashed) and he's never seen so much fun. You truly have not lived until you've seen a dachshund running at you with a frisbee twice the size of his head. Picture eyes, nose, big floppy ears and two little paws because that is all you see. Too cute.

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