Monday, August 14, 2006

I Should Be Worried

I'm beginning to worry about my husband. I don't know that I've mentioned this before but he is and probably always will be a bit of a geek. You see, he's a proud and true player of video games and his latest addiction has been Final Fantasy XI which he has been playing on and off for about a year now. My philosophy has always been that video games are his vice, as reading is mine, and it is something that enables him to escape his thoughts or stresses of life and relax, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that until his thoughts and stresses of life become Final Fantasy.

We were standing in line at the grocery store this evening after a very hectic jaunt through an insanely busy market, and as always, were sharing our horror stories of splitting up so one of us could find the laundry detergent while the other took off for milk. Today it was a matter of the store being too small for the amount of people and their carts inhabiting the place. Every time we attempted to walk down an aisle we had to turn around because there wasn't a chance in hell we were going to get through. Every time I found what I was looking for I couldn't reach it because someone had abandoned their cart right where I needed to be. So today's check-out line complaining could have been pretty meaty if he hadn't said to me in all seriousness, "All I did was put the box back and then I turned around and there was a cart sitting right in front of me. It was like the person who was pushing it must have cast invisibility on themselves!"

Invisibility? Did he seriously just say that? In public? I had to look around to see if someone had overheard him and if they were now smirking at the freak and his wife. I laughed it off but not after letting him see that I was totally shocked. "Umm.. I love you but you're really weird."

EDIT: I'm pretty sure I was going somewhere with this entry before Jon walked into the room and started talking to me about something that happened in his game as if I just wouldn't believe it. The good news is I was able to stop him with a glance. The bad news is he started up again with an "I can't help it! It's my passion!"

"Oh man. Don't give me anything more to write about!"

"Are you writing about me? Are you telling them what a dork I am?"

"Yeah, but I called you a geek."

"Oh. Well, my party is waiting for me. I love you."

"Ha. I love you too, dork."

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