Friday, August 18, 2006

My Job as the Only Female

Father-in-law: "Okay Katie, I need a woman's opinion. Does this look okay? Are my slacks too short?"

Katie: "You look great. The slacks touch your shoes so I don't think they're too short."

Husband: "Kate, does this look okay? Is my tie straight? Did I forget my sport coat?"

Katie: "You look great. Your tie looks perfect. You must have forgotten the sport coat because it is not in the car. You look fine without it."

Brother-in-law: "How do I look Katie? Jon says I look emo because of the purple tie."
Katie: "You look great. Ignore Jon, I think that is a very pretty tie."

Okay, now that all of the egos have been tended to, can we go?

By the way, that was the prettiest lilac tie I have ever seen.

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