Saturday, December 30, 2006


Two Days Ago

We had a wonderful Christmas despite the rain and mud. A few plans went awry when two of Jon's family members came down with the flu which moved breakfast to our house. I didn't have enough time to plan anything spectacular so omelets and hash browns it was and it was actually quite tasty. The remaining plans for the day went off without a hitch. We visited with his mom and her husband before they left for a week long trip to New York, and with his dad before he hopped a plane to Vegas for New Years. We returned to my parents house for a few rounds of Mad Gab and Quiddler which were among the many gifts everyone exchanged this year.

I'm now working on the 40 item grocery list for our New Years Eve party this Sunday. Lots of finger foods--vegetable and cheese trays, mini sandwiches on white, wheat, and rye breads, and a pumpernickel loaf loaded with spinach dip.

Present Day

The shopping is done and we are now ready for the party tomorrow. This is a good thing because we have one more Christmas (Yeah. It has passed, but we have to go anyway) party to attend tonight. I figure it will be great to see these people that we haven't seen in months and I don't have to worry about what to do for dinner tonight.


Pulling out of the market parking lot last night Jon and I were behind a jet black luxury car with Virginia license plates that read AKRONOH. At the next light we were behind a more sporty one with Maryland plates that read BROWNS#1. We both found this hilarious because while we will probably never leave Akron, if we do, we will most definitely never have vanity plates advertising it. And while we feel obligated to cheer for the Cleveland Browns due to proximity, we do not kid ourselves into believe that they could be #1 at anytime in the semi-near future.

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