Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Restroom Bulletin

I despise using the restroom in this office building, and apparently, someone else has had enough of the consistently nasty state of the ladies room as well. This little note, complete with a full diagram of a smiling toilet (toilet paper goes here, this is my handle, etc.) has appeared on the back of each of the stall doors.

My name is Happy Toilet.

I like to be free of germs, so please put paper in me, and not on the floor. Should you have an accident clean me up. Flush me when you are done. If need be flush me twice, or three times. I will not feel bad. I will be a Happy Toilet, because I will know then, like me, you do not like GERMS.

I think I frightened the poor woman in the next stall as I burst out laughing at the illustrations.

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