Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Venturing Out

I consider myself a fair-weather sports fan because I only watch when it seems really important. With the exception of the Cleveland Cavaliers, I often catch only the Browns vs. Steelers games, the World Series, the Super Bowl, and of course, the BCS National Championship Game when the # 1 ranked team is none other than Ohio State.

Fair-weather or not the loss of last night hurt. I stopped watching the game as I was reminded of the train-wreck that is all too often a Browns game--the opponent always on the move while the team I'm pulling for appears to have their feet stuck in a lake of molasses. Don't get me wrong. I knew about the possibilities of defeat, but that wasn't just any loss--Ohio State was obliterated.

No matter the outcome Jon and I still had a good time. We threw our own little private party consisting of only the two of us. We finished off the last of the vegetable tray and the remaining cheese and crackers left over from our New Year's Eve party. We had a couple beers and Jon's famous homemade burgers. We went to bed shortly after the disappointing loss.

Tonight I'm headed out to my mother-in-law's house for Salon. Though I've been invited to Salon many times, this will be my first appearance. It has been described to me as a small group of women who get together monthly to discuss world, political, and feminist issues. I've warned my mother-in-law that I may be the quiet girl in the corner, but she still insisted on me coming. I am henceforth considering this my first attempt at New Year's Resolution 2. Enhance my social life. It will be an exercise to see if I am able to crawl out of the corner and have a real conversation with people I don't know.

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