Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Game Over

Well, the short vacation is over and I have been a little disoriented when it comes to getting back to work. Part of me was ready to embrace a form of routine again, to get my butt up off the couch and re-establish a purpose for myself. Another part of me, the sluggish part, wanted to pull the covers up over my head and sleep for another few hours. And I am proud to admit that I have defeated the sluggish part of myself as I made it into work on time for two days in a row. It was fun while it lasted as we escaped from Ohio for a little while, and I got to pretend I was special because it was my birthday, and then we had a day to ourselves to be lazy slobs who watched movies for 24 hours straight.

Yeah, I was ready to come back. My sleep schedule was pleading with me to resume, well, a schedule.

We had a good time in Pittsburgh even though we got a late start thanks to the annoyances of turning 25-years-old like getting a new driver's license, new plates for my car, and going through the hassle of an emissions check to get those new plates for my car. I want to say we left about 2 hours after we had planned, which cut into the time we would have used to head into downtown Pittsburgh so we did a lot of shopping, and not much else.

Our server at dinner was kind enough to offer us refills on our drinks after we had finished eating, which he put in To-Go cups for us to "sip during the drive home." I almost leaped from our booth and hugged him. I get excited over the smallest things sometimes. And I thought we were going to have a rough time with our server when I sensed a little animosity in the way he said, "Oh, so you're from closer to the Cleveland area, huh?" Instead, he made my day with a large Diet Coke in a plastic cup.

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