Sunday, May 13, 2007

Haphazard Update

Mother's Day Brunch 2007 went off without a hitch. My dad couldn't make it because he was feeling too worn out, but we still had six of us seated around the dining room table with good food and good conversation. Jon and I have turned it into an annual get-together for which our parents only have to hop into the car and drive to our place where a delicious meal, cards, and gifts await our mothers. I feel it is a very small way of showing my mom how much I love her and appreciate everything that she has done for me, and for the large role that she had to play in making me who I am today. Not to mention all of the wonderful memories I have of Sunday brunch at my parent's house, and it makes me feel all grown up to be able to do the same thing for her, even it's just once a year.

In other news my dad is doing well, taking advantage of all of the babying that my mom and all of us kids are giving him. He is understandably tired, sore, and disinterested, but we're having a hard time getting him to understand that the only way to fight the sleepiness and aches is to keep moving, exert energy to create more and build muscle to help treat the sore ones. He doesn't really want to have anything to do with it. He is conveniently asleep at the time of each of his scheduled walks and exercises, or he'll give the excuse that he is just too tired to do anything, and because we love him so much we just shrug our shoulders and say, "It's okay dad, we'll just do it later," and later never comes. Hence the reason a warning was given to us by his physical therapist about being too easy on him.

The month of May has brought along with it some interesting events, like the beginning stages of planning my little sister's baby shower which I elected myself for and volunteered my home as a hall. She and I spent Wednesday evening traipsing through Target with a scanner getting her registered for the multitudes of baby care items she so desperately needs. She came armed with a very long list and after nearly two hours of trying to locate each item, I became bored, and told her to just walk down each aisle and scan everything she thought she could possibly need or want. All of it was baby stuff, of course. I figured, why not? That's what I did for our wedding and we made out pretty well.

In addition to the strange being my sister has turned into during her pregnancy, this month gave us my brother-in-law's 21st birthday and with each phone call we receive a new drunken conversation. I'm not too worried about it, yet, because he's out partying with his fraternity brothers by night, and making his university classes look easy by day.

We've been busy, obviously, as the very sporadic entries in this poor journal depict. Jon and I have been doing our best to help my parents out as much as possible while still trying to maintain a shred of normalcy in our personal lives. But we're okay, in fact, we're really good.

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