Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bohemian Chic

Today I watched Find Your Style with Karen McAloon which is a show on HGTV in which Karen will walk through someone's house and based on the decor they already have she defines and names their style. She then gives them guidelines and tips to follow to design the space on their own while she stands back only to guide them along the way.

Today she defined a couple as being Bohemian Chic, a very eclectic mix of clean modern lines and vintage antique. To achieve this style the goal is to avoid anything "matchy-matchy" and pick out any random items that catch your interest. And of course, with a description like that I decided that I wanted to be Bohemian Chic! But then I decided I kind of already was...

You see, while my house is very much full of hand me downs, thrift store finds, and items from department store clearance shelves my personality and tastes are so eclectic that I have to be Boho Chic.

I'm a girl who likes to wear preppy cardigans with vintage t-shirts, worn jeans, and my cheap knock-off Converse One Stars.

I like lip gloss and mascara and my hair pulled back in sloppy ponytails, and avoid foundation because it covers my freckles.

I listen to Tori Amos and Kanye West and The Decemberists.

I eat Doritos and bananas and goat cheese marinara.

I watch reruns of The Dick Van Dyke Show and Fresh Prince religiously, and I keep up with Grey's Anatomy and LOST.

I like to play poker, sing karaoke and read American Literature.

I'm friends with a gamer, a business owner, an exotic dancer, and a stay at home mom.

I love the excitement and energy of the city and the peace and serenity of the woods.

I am an eclectic mix of everything that catches my eye and I should be proud of that, and not ashamed of who I am.

If I listen to nothing else I ever say I should at least listen to myself on this. An entire devastating week of self doubt could have been avoided had Karen done Bohemian Chic last Saturday.

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