Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fingers Still Crossed

This morning I went to my third, and hopefully final, interview for a fantastic job opportunity. I'm looking at the fact that I made it to and through three interviews as a good sign. Each call back felt like a small reassurance that, hey, there was something about me they liked and they want to know more.

The first interview was over the phone with Human Resources, the second was with the two department supervisors, and today's interview was with the department head, as well as the general operations manager for that location. Everyone seemed to really like me. They said I should know something by tomorrow afternoon and I'm assuming the something I should know will be whether or not I got the job, because there can't possibly be anyone else left to interview me.

Overall I have to say I have a pretty good feeling about this, but I'm also working very hard at not getting my hopes up just yet. I've only been looking for a month and this job is more than I ever expected to find or have a chance at so I'm feeling a little apprehensive and can't help but hover over the jar of optimism and threaten to force the lid back on should I start feeling too confident. Okay, you're right, a part of me is bracing for bad news, but an even bigger part of me can't wait to hear the news, whatever it is.

Anyway, all of the interviews went great. I gave it everything I had and I genuinely feel I am more than qualified for the position so if I don't get it, I can feel confident in knowing someone else really was more qualified. I can't feel sorry for myself or worry that there was something more I should have done or something I could have done differently. I did the very best I could and all I can do is be proud of that.

Update 4:56 PM: Turns out I was so likable that I didn't have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to hear something. I am officially employed again!!

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Paper Persuasions - an invitation studio said...

been watching the blog for news about the interview! glad to hear you got a second 'in-person' interview. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you as well!! :)