Saturday, August 28, 2010

You are my sunshine

On our way home from the birthday party I stopped to fill up my tank, and as I was standing at the gas pump I looked in at Owen, and caught him staring back at me with these soft, glossy, I'm-so-tired-you're-the-most-wonderful-thing-I've-ever-seen eyes. I tried to take my time to analyze the look and find the words to describe the emotions that were welling up inside me and then I finally got it: For the first time I genuinely and completely understood the song You Are My Sunshine. My world would be so dark without him and that precious face.


Stacy said...

Approximately 5 minutes before deciding to catch myself up on your blog, I decided to sing to my baby bump for the first time. And what did I sing? You are my Sunshine, of course. It is a song near and dear to my heart, as my mom would often sing it to Stephanie and I.

Kate said...

I love that you sing to your baby bump. :) I've actually been making it a point sing You are my Sunshine to Owen every night since. It's suddenly such a beautiful song.