Saturday, January 7, 2012

Heat Wave!

What do you do when it's January, 65 degrees, and extremely sunny outside? First, you take down all the Christmas decorations, then you throw on your spring jackets and shoes and make the short trek up to the playground to soak up all the rays and fun!

Climbing up the rock wall where he may have received a little help from Daddy.

He kept peeking through the holes and saying "Cheeeeeeese!" but I was never fast enough to catch the smile.

Gotta stop to steer the ship in the right direction...

Sometimes he likes the swings and I thought this might be one of those days.

I was wrong.

Slide trip #13,586. I love him.

I truly thought we'd hit the jackpot when winter arrived and we hadn't seen but 2 days below 60 degrees by the start of the new year. Unfortunately, most of the locals have told me this weather is not the norm. Either way, I'm enjoying my first winter away from lake effect snow and arctic winds. Owen just loves all the extra opportunities to hit the slides.

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