Wednesday, October 24, 2007

(Emo)tional Content Within

Dear Self,

Newsflash! You aren't in high school anymore! You've come a long way from that girl who looked like she wore clothes only because she had to. Tori Amos' Siren is not your life's themesong because of that night when you were 16 and you played it 56 times in a row during that exceptionally devastating breakdown. I'm sure your mother didn't really mean to say you were too ugly to be on TV, anyway. And yes, your husband was a dumbass back then but you forgave him and married him, didn't you? Cut him some slack for putting up with a wife as self-conscious and doubtful as you can be. You are beautiful, intelligent, and strong in your own way but you're unable to accept it for some reason. And stop carrying around those pieces of torn notebook paper scribbled with depressing one-liners for PostSecret. They are doing absolutely nothing for your self-esteem.



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