Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On Being the Family Pet

"You're not going to believe this."


"I can't get Macy out of the car."

"Why can't you get her out of the car?"

"I was just grabbing some things and she hopped right in. Now she won't get out. Jack got in there too until I stormed out of the garage, but she won't budge!"

"Well, take them for a ride around the block."

"What? I'm tired of not being the master! These dogs walked ME today! Why should I have to drive them around just because they want a ride? They're spoiled!"

"Haha! Just take them for a ride."

And so I did. I, the family pet, drove my masters to the Fairlawn Country Club and back. For what it's worth they happily jumped out of the car once we arrived home.

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