Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Please Send Healthy Thoughts

I woke to the sound of someone vomiting at 3:00 last night, and in my grogginess, I actually stopped to make sure it was my husband and not an old episode of Jackass playing on the living room television. Yep, I recognized that heaving, it was most definitely Jon, and the poor guy didn't stop there. He made four more trips to the bathroom in the early morning. By 7:00 he started getting these red splotches around his eyes and by 8:00 it looked like someone had given him two black eyes which I've been told is a sign of dehydration. That's when we decided it was time to go to urgent care.

It was surprisingly a quick trip. We walked in the doors and he was given a bed and hooked up to an I.V. almost immediately. I sat in a chair by his side and got a jump start on this year's reading for the next 45 minutes while bags of Saline and Promethazine dripped into his blood stream and he slept like a baby.

The staff told me that since it was a highly contagious stomach flu there wasn't much I could do to prevent myself from getting it other than wash my hands often and hope for the best. Apparently even the flu shot I was given back in November can't help me now, so my hands are beginning to chap they've been washed so many times and other than getting him a bottle of water or bowl of vegetable broth I've been staying in the opposite side of the house as my husband all night. And just for safe measure, I think I'll be camping out on the sofa. I can't get sick like that.

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