Sunday, January 6, 2008

Team Building

My house is currently bursting with testosterone. I've closed myself off in the office and have iTunes playing in an effort to drown out the competition of male voices. Every couch and coffee table has been moved from its original position to suit the guys purpose. Normally this would drive me crazy, but tonight I'm feeling pretty mellow. I guess I just want them to have a good time.

Every couple of months Jon invites his staff over for an off-the-clock Team Building Meeting which is usually an excuse to get his 10 employees together for a Halo tournament. We set up three different TVs in three different rooms and let them all duke it out. While some of the video game related conversations bore me and remind me of how completely out of my element this is, I think the concept is great and it's an excellent bonding experience for the staff members. Nothing can make your boss appear more human than having the opportunity to tell him that he is the absolute worst Halo player ever and we all laugh when someone picks on Jon for it because even he knows it's true.

I took the easy way out tonight and set up a taco bar in the kitchen. The only problem was I underestimated how much 11 men can eat and we ran out of taco meat within 20 minutes. I was surprised to learn that Jon's assistant manager is a chef and with a spice rack and extra ground beef from the fridge, he provided me with a rare sight tonight--a male cooking in my kitchen.

I almost asked Jon if I could keep him, but I figured that wouldn't go over too well.

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