Saturday, March 1, 2008

Twenty Six

Today is the first day all week that I haven't had any real plans. If the snow sticks around for a few hours I'd like to build a snowman and maybe go sled riding but part of me is also liking the idea of being lazy and spending the day catching up on that goal of reading 40 books this year. I stalled out at 8 books a couple of weeks ago and haven't picked up another one. If I can just keep an average of one book a week I'll be okay.

My birthday was on Thursday. I'm 26 and still not feeling old. This is credited partly to always feeling like a teenager mentally anyway, and partly to being the youngest person by 2 years in my small group of friends. My original plan was to stop counting after 25 but I've decided I can let it ride until I'm 28, after that I'll have my 28 Again birthday, and then my 28 Again Again birthday and we'll go from there. I think it'll work.

Anyway, 26 was a good birthday. For the first time in 12 years I celebrated it with my childhood best friend, Melissa. We met up for lunch. Some of you probably remember this post I wrote last year about not knowing where she was, but in true Katie and Melissa fashion her spidey sense told her I was looking for her and she found me less than two weeks after writing that post. We still haven't done that great a job of keeping in touch on a regular basis but we do have working phone numbers for each other and we get together every few months or on special occasions, usually meeting half way between Akron and Canton. And when she walked in to Applebee's with a bouquet of colorful birthday balloons, her golden highlighted hair invincible to the cold and windy day outside, and heels I'd be too afraid to wear even in dry, non-icy conditions, it was like nothing had changed except our parents didn't have to drive us there. She handed me a card that was scrawled with the same, loopy handwriting "It's about time you turned 26!" continuing the joke that was started on my 10th birthday because she had to wait 5 months before I caught up to her age. I handed her a copy of the cassette tape we made when we were 11 titled Best Friends of '93 that I found while clearing out my parents old house. The tape was the epitome of what we were at that age; lots of giggling about boys we had crushes on, crude humor, and many episodes of our version of Life of the Rich and Famous in which she would interview me acting as Paula Abdul, or I interviewing her pretending to be Madonna. We started everything with a time and date, so in a way it's also like our joint journal, a record of the good ole days when all that mattered was our friendship and whether or not the boy who sat 2 desks over noticed how cute we looked that day.

Back in the present, Jon and I, and a group of 8 of our current nearest and dearest friends went out to Crave last night to celebrate my birthday. I had an Angel Food Cake martini that was quite tasty but not exactly worth the $8 I paid for it. We left feeling extremely happy and full, but a little guilty for spending $80 on our meal, but it was 2 drinks, 2 appetizers, and 2 entrees and my birthday, so we got over it pretty quickly.

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