Saturday, March 22, 2008

What My Nephew Said

Jimmy: "Umm.. Aunt.....? I forget your name!"

Me: "Are you serious?"

Jimmy: "Yes. What is your name?"

Me: "Well, I’ll give you a hint: it starts with a K."

Jimmy: "Aunt Karen?"

Me: *stifling laughter because this kid really couldn’t remember my name after spending the last 20 hours at my house* "Nope, that’s not right, but I’ll bet you remember that big guy’s name who just left, huh?"

Jimmy: "Yes, I remember Uncle Jon!"

Me: *calling downstairs to the other nephew* "Hey Brandan? Do you remember my name?!"

Brandan: "Uh DUH!!! KATIE!"

Jimmy: "Ohhh! I can’t believe I forgot Katie!! Aunt Katie? Can I stay the night again sometime?"

Me: "Umm, sure. But do you think you’ll remember staying here in the first place?"

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