Monday, April 14, 2008

Random Thoughts Vol. 1

I haven't written anything, anywhere, in any form in over 2 weeks. I guess that's another New Year's Resolution that was put on hold for a while.

The problem is sometimes I feel like writing and sometimes I just want to spout off these completely random thoughts that come to me.

For example:

1. I'm told the best road bitch is a yellow sports car.

2. My husband wants to be the Jared of Wii Fit.

3. My car is in the shop right now and I'm afraid of how much the repairs will cost.

4. We painted the bedroom green last spring, but now I want it to be blue.

5. I joined and I've tracked every cigarette I've had in the last three days. Talk about sickening...

6. Sometimes Macy will purposely scratch me because I won't let her lick my toes.

7. Dry skin + wood panelling = skinless knuckle.

8. I freaked out 2 weeks after getting a haircut because I was afraid of dying and being remembered with short hair.

9. As an admitted Grammar Freak, it really bothers me that my MySpace says "Favorties". Has anyone else noticed?

10. The Postal Service's Nothing Better makes me giddy.

11. Every day I come home with a new approach to convince my husband that we should move out of Ohio, and every night I go to bed making up new reasons for why we can't.

And that's just to name a few... but I don't mention these things because I'm afraid you'll think I'm crazy. I know I do.

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