Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost in Thailand

I went easy on the mascara this morning in preparation for the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy tonight. I don’t usually cry easily over television but something strange happened while watching last week’s episode of The Biggest Loser and I started crying like a baby as I watched the final four contestants run a full marathon only a few months after beginning the show as twice the person I ever was. Witnessing something so inspirational must have cracked my shields because I’ve cried at almost everything I’ve watched since then, including The Amazing Race, Prince Caspian, Bridget Jones’s Diary, those commercials showing various NBA players working with charity, and Lost. (Although, Lost wasn’t so much about what happened in Lost as it was realizing that, yet again, they were going to leave me with a painful cliffhanger and say, “See You in 2010!” Do they not realize how far away 2010 is? I know I should be used to it, but seriously, have they no decency? Come back in September like everyone else and I’ll love you more.)

The only excuse I have for my recently overactive tear ducts goes a little something like this: now that I’ve flat out cried over something on television in front of my husband and he didn’t fall over laughing or call me names, I have no reservations and cry freely when the moment strikes, and I have this sinking feeling that the moment will strike often during Grey’s tonight. I’ll be ready and waiting with a box of tissues.

In other news, the company has been showing their appreciation for all of our hard work by buying us lunch once a week. Today it was Thai cuisine from Sweet Mango, and let me tell you, I’ve heard awesome things about Thai food. I’ve heard such awesome things that I was actually excited to try something new. And considering I’m a creature of old habits, I generally do not like to try something new, but for this I was making an exception.

The problem here is I know nothing about Thai cuisine and had to order from the menu based on the descriptions and a lot of them had sides and seasonings I’d never heard of before. I ended up going with the Pine Nut Chicken stir-fry, which is chicken sautéed with pine nuts and vegetables in a ginger sauce and served with a side of jasmine rice. I thought, Stir-fry! I love stir-fry, and chicken, and pine nuts, and vegetables, and rice! This lunch is going to rock! But when the food arrived and I took a bite of chicken and a little bit of rice I realized I must not like any of these things when covered in a ginger sauce. I tried a few more bites of zucchini and squash and came away with the same reaction. The food I had pumped myself up for was inedible, at least to me.

I didn’t want to, but I wound up driving to McDonald’s for a snack wrap and Diet Coke. I scarfed it all down in the car so as not to offend anyone, or draw questioning looks for why I needed two lunches (or three if they saw me walk in with my lunch sack, but the apple, carrots, and yogurt I packed as snacks weren’t going to cut it for the entire work day).

I started off annoyed, because seriously, why can’t we just order Subway? I know what I like from there. But more than anything, I was annoyed with myself. Thai was supposed to rock, but I either have faulty taste buds or a really horrible knack for choosing food by the description.

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