Friday, September 23, 2011

How I know I've reached hermit status

With 12 days left in my cell phone billing cycle:

Anytime minutes: 1 of 450 used

Night & weekend minutes: 17 of 5000 used

Rollover minutes: 0 of 740 used

Text messages: 75 of 1000 used

Days blogged in September: 10 of the last 17

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Stacy said...

Hey...we had to do whatever it took to get you to blog, and if that meant shoving you to the east coast and ignoring you, well so be it. (-: I'm sorry you're feeling lonely and like a hermit, but it looks like you and the family are enjoying some beautiful sights! And even if you're not talking to or texting with friends back here, know that you are missed.