Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Few Points of Interest

My Sister's Baby Shower
--I don't mind having nearly all of my family's events at my house. In fact, Jon and I chose our house for the sole purpose that it could handle our extremely large families even though it feels far too large when it's just the two of us. I love to entertain, I love to put these things together, but only when it is my choice, my plans, and so far this baby shower hasn't involved a whole lot of my anything besides time and finances.

When I signed up for this I thought I would have a little more help particularly from my mother and older sister, both of whom have been conveniently absent up to this point (2 weeks away), and it feels like my little sister has fought me tooth and nail on the most crucial pieces. Mind you, my house is a pretty good size but can my living room fit 50 people seated? No. My idea of a baby shower and the guests, especially considering the size of our family, is 20 some odd family members, and 5-6 of her closest friends. But low and behold my sister is only 19-years-old and mentally she is not quite out of high school, and two days before her deadline to turn in her end of the guest list because I had to send out invitations, she brings a list of 30 friends and then she, also, conveniently disappears presumably to the same hole my mom and older sister have been hiding in.

I looked into halls for more room, I started crunching numbers, and in the end, I couldn't justify spending $300 dollars on a shower when my sister would ultimately benefit more if I just gave her $300 dollars cash rather than some cheesy little party. I took it upon myself to slash names from the list and I mailed the invitations. The next time I was able to reach my sister, a week later, I let her know what I did and all hell broke loose. Why? Oh, because she had already verbally invited every single person on her list, and according to her, some of them had already bought gifts. I tried to stand my ground, I tried to ignore the fact that I felt as if my own family was taking advantage, and weren't appreciative of anything I have done for the last 8 weeks. I tried to be civil and explain, step by step, why I had to do what I did, but it was to no avail. Eventually my mother called me with my little sister crying in the background, and while she wasn't particularly mean about it, my mom made me feel like I was being ridiculous and making far too big a deal out of it. I sent more invitations out the next day. 50 people have been invited to my house and I have nowhere to put the majority of them. I'm crossing my fingers that most of them won't show. And that's just sad.

New York City
--I'm told the original plan was for my mother-in-law to show up at my house the day of, tell me to grab my purse because we would be going somewhere, and surprise me with a trip to New York City. I guess she decided that you can't do that to people and so she called instead. She told me she found a great deal on an all-inclusive trip to New York, and she's been worried about me, and so she wanted to take me away to a place I've always wanted to go but probably never would on my own. Obviously I was interested and excited, that was, until she said it was on June 23 and 24. June 24 is the day of my sister's baby shower. I had to decline the best offer I'd been given in a long time because of a baby shower I wanted nothing to do with anymore. But apparently the trip is offered once a month, and so we started going back and forth about available dates: June 23-baby shower, July 13-we're both out of town, August 18-her retirement party, September 15-we're free! I'm going to New York in September! I'm going to New York without my husband who will return from a week-long business trip on September 13. I would be emotional about only seeing him for 1 out of 7 days but it's NEW YORK CITY!

The Family Reunion
--On July 7 we're all packing our bags and driving to Virginia where we will stay in the wilderness for 8 whole days. While my immediate and extended family, something like 75 of us, are all staying at the state park, Jon and I are sharing a cabin with just my brother and his girlfriend. We are looking forward to an entire week of the four of us 20-somethings doing whatever we want--swimming, hiking, fishing, canoeing, beer, bonfires, family, and friends. Is there a better combination? The only problem is July isn't getting here fast enough. Oh, please, July! Please hurry and rid me of this baby shower and let me escape to a cabin in the middle of nowhere! I'm begging you! I'm thinking it's going to be one awesome time.

Yeah, so, I'm sure there is more but I've run out of time. I'll try to keep you updated on my mental state which will most likely return to normal after June 24th.

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