Monday, June 25, 2007

At the Very Least I Deserve a Back Rub

I did it! It's June 25, 2007 and I survived a very traumatic experience dubbed planning a baby shower. After much emotional debate 48 people were invited to my house, and I was banging my head against the walls as I tried to figure out where to put them. I gave a deadline of June 15 to R.S.V.P. and I had only 2 women call to confirm that they would be there. At this point I decided to go through the list of invitees and choose who I thought would show and who wouldn't. This technique had me down to 30 women. Would you believe that I was still off? I had a total of 25 people show, the original, desired amount of family and odd friends, with 5 of my sister's closest friends. And all those girls that I absolutely, positively had to invite because they already bought her gifts? Oh, yeah, they never came. I'm thinking that I didn't get the whole truth somewhere.

All bitterness aside, it was a good time. It wasn't exactly how I had pictured it as I thought it would flow a little more smoothly, but I was able to identify each lull very quickly and move on to the next game, or food, or even a joke. Yeah, people, I cracked jokes in front of strangers. I don't know what came over me.

Everyone thanked and assured me as they left full and happy, and I felt I could mark it down as a success. And just as my niece finished washing the last platter, and my little sister collected tablecloths that were in need of a good washing, and I stacked up the last folding chair I let myself breathe again, and then I felt like passing out. I was moments shy of giving the last of my family the boot so I could take off my ridiculously uncomfortable skirt and climb into my bed and sleep for the rest of the week. Unfortunately it was only 6:30 and just thinking about going to bed that early tends to give me a second wind, so instead, I sat down in my big, red, comfy chair and reflected on the last Month of Hell and how it all turned out okay.

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