Friday, June 8, 2007

Love Letters


Our love began with a glance across a parking lot. You possessed me in just a few days. I remember long drives through the countryside, and long weekend getaways. But the years passed, and like the upholstery in the hot sun, your love began to fade. And now in a time when I need your care the most, you hit the blinker and turn away. And while our gas tank of love may be running on fumes, I still have plenty of love to share. So if you have a quart of tenderness left for me in your heart, take me back to Firestone Complete Auto Care.


Your 2003 Aztek

Dear Aztek,

I'm very sorry to be the one to tell you this, but I believe you have me confused with your previous owner. You see, it was not love at first sight for you and me. In fact I thought you resembled a garbage truck. I would not have given you a second glance if it hadn't been for my husband, Jon. He fell in love with you when he was able to fit comfortably into a vehicle for the first time, and boy did you ever rock his socks off when he discovered your center console doubled as a cooler. He was sold on you almost instantly but not me, although I have come to love you in time, my dear Aztek. You have great gas mileage for an SUV, you have retained your value quite well, and your oversized handles embedded in the dashboard are great for pretend machine guns.

I'm ashamed to admit that you have not seen many long drives through the countryside other than a weekend drive to Maryland, or the few times I've taken you on my commutes through Medina County which even you have to admit are NEVER FUN.

Mostly Aztek, I have to ask you to put an end to the melodramatics. The nice guys at NTB Tire have been treating you quite well. I just don't understand your obsession with Firestone. And besides, there is room for only one headcase in this family, and I'm sorry, but I was here first.



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