Friday, July 6, 2007

To Do List 7/6/07

Pack swimsuits, beach towels, and sunblock.
Finish packing clothes and shoes (remember socks).
Double check packing list for any items we may have forgotten.
Get dogs ready for a weeks stay with the in-laws (include food, bowls, treats, and Macy's bear).
Gather all board games, cards, and books that will be making the trip with us.
Lay out comfortable clothes to wear during the 6-hour drive.
Put away dishes.
Wipe down counter tops.
Sweep floors.
Bag any non-perishable foods to bring along (i.e. triscuits, granola bars, and cereal).
Empty tote bag of work contents and fill with items to be readily accessible during the drive.
Load car.
Do Not Forget Camera!
Get sleep.
Stop making to do lists.

We're leaving tomorrow morning. See you next Saturday!

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