Tuesday, June 20, 2006



My name is Katie. I live in Akron, Ohio with my husband Jon, our infant son Owen, and 2 dogs; Jack, a three-year-old Dachshund mix, and Macy, an ageless Cocker Spaniel we rescued from a local shelter. They're all very lovable and just a little crazy. I fit right in.

In addition to writing about myself on the internet I find myself reading a lot of YA literature, watching too much reality television, and writing unsent love letters to musicians, corporate conglomerates, and inanimate objects. I also enjoy studying nutrition, practicing yoga, and taking long walks in the evening with the dogs.

I started writing online sometime in January 1997. Back then they were called "Personal Homepages". I was a sad and hopeless high school student who never expected to live a normal life, but thanks to graduating from high school and dumping the antidepressants, I think I've come as close to normal as I'll ever get. The one thing about me you can be sure of is that no amount of money in the world could tempt me to live through high school again. Teenage girls are vicious.