Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nothing About Us Is Uniform

Purchases we made yesterday:

1 Wii Fit - Is it sad that I'm sore? My trainer was relentless...and a little bitchy.

1 Toilet Seat - Hopefully Wii Fit (and buying a more expensive seat) will help us to not break them so often! Now that is sad.

2 Deluxe Camping Chairs - When we asked if we could sit in one to see how comfortable it was the store associate who helped us waited until my butt was only inches from the seat to say, in a very serious tone, "I think they say it can hold up to 100 pounds..." My butt remained suspended in the air until the guy started laughing and said he was just messing with me. Didn't anyone teach him it can be deadly to joke about a woman's weight?

1 Cooler - It shouldn't have taken 30 minutes to pick out the very basic model we ended up leaving with, but Jon had to test-push each one half way around the store before deciding that the smaller cooler, the one that wasn't on sale, had nicer wheels and an all around better feel.

2 Car Airfresheners - Cucumber melon was the least offensive scent and it fit perfectly snug in the backseat cup holder in my car. Jon spent a couple of hours detailing my car last night and with the addition of the airfreshener I am hereby banned from smoking in it again. I think I can live with that.

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