Friday, March 6, 2009

Don't underestimate the little guy

Jon and I thought we'd bested AT&T U-verse when they sent us a flyer in the mail exclaiming that all we had to do was call this number to receive 2 free months of HBO. We'd been down that road before. We knew it require us calling to cancel before the 2 months was up or else they would start charging us for it, and we knew we're both cheap enough to remember to cancel in time. We thought AT&T were the suckers for thinking we'd fall for such a scam when what we'd really walk away with was 2 months of free HBO and that's it.


We're a little over a month into the free service and we're hooked on 2 HBO original series; Entourage and Flight of the Concords. We don't know if we'll have the strength to stop following our favorite new characters by the end of the month.

AT&T might have just suckered us out of $12 a month. They play dirtier than Paul Pierce.

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