Sunday, March 1, 2009

Out like a lamb

I did it again. I went an entire month without posting, and that's almost funny to me because all through the month of February I kept daring myself to write every day for one week. I thought if I could just break the streak of nothing I would come out with something. Obviously, I never stepped up to my own dare.

I think Andy Rooney said it best when he said you have to have an ego if you’re a writer because it’s egotistical to think anyone else cares what you think. My problem is I don’t have much of an ego and I can’t for one second convince myself that anyone would care what I think, and if no one cares then why should I write? It’s a vicious cycle that I’ve been battling for years and I keep trying to get a handle on it but every few months I stumble backwards.

The bottom line is I want to write and that's all that should matter. I have to keep on keepin’ on, even it means mundane reports of how much it sucked to work one day. So, here it goes: I Triple Dog Dare myself to write every day for the first week of March. It may not be much, but there will at least be something posted for each day this week.

First, I'll get February out of the way:

Fortunately there wasn't much to write about in February. I worked a lot and then I worked some more.

I slept in on weekends and left the house a few times to hit up the grocery store for food.

I met two of my favorite friends for dinner on President's Day and then we closed down Border's by sipping our coffees and catching up as the store grew more and more quiet around us.

I turned 27 yesterday and Jon and I celebrated by making the trip to IKEA Pittsburgh (I think it's safe to call this a birthday tradition by now) with my little sister and mom. After arriving back to Akron we met friends for dinner and drinks. I have to say it was a pretty good birthday.

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Stephanie said...

Yay! It's about time! I always love to read your blogs. I hope you come through on your self-inflicted triple dog dare!