Saturday, March 21, 2009

Boob talk

"Okay, Katie, I know you're my aunt and all, but it's just that, well, I'm shorter than you so they're right there, and I have to big are your boobs now and how big were they before?"

"Hunh. Ummm, I was a D cup and now I'm a C cup."

"Really? Because if I'm being honest, I don't think they look that big. They look way smaller than they were before. And I'd be really upset if I lost my boobs."

"You know, I honestly don't mind. If I'm only a B cup when it's all said and done I won't have a problem with it. Besides, all the cute bras are in smaller sizes!"

"I think you better plan on becoming at least a B, 'cause they are shrinking."


Stacy said...

Let me guess, was this Leanna? (-: Too funny!

Kate said...

Yep! She cracks me up.