Sunday, March 15, 2009

Infertility is not the only issue

When my nephew, Brandan, stays the night it's all fun and games between him and his Uncle Jon. Jon's inner child keeps life entertaining at all times and my cautious, protective nature keeps us all safe and civil. While the three of us play games together or talk about what's going on at Brandan's school, it's so easy to see what our life could be like in 8 years if Jon and I had a child sometime soon, and I like what I see. I let myself think we could actually be good parents.

But then, SMACK! the bottom of Jon's shoe is imprinted on Brandan's forehead and the kid looks a little dizzy. Jon is yelling, "Why didn't you dodge that, man? You were supposed to dodge that! Woah. Are you okay, Brandan?"

And all I can I think is, well, that was sweet while it lasted.

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