Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pardon the mess

I'm pretty sure I was the only one around last night while I fiddled with the layout, but if you were lurking in the corners you must have thought I was a total loon. I got lost in a lot of code and tested A LOT of different headers, so many headers that you might have thought I had a rotation for each time you hit the Refresh button. Unfortunately I can't promise that it's over or that my urge to destroy then recreate has been satiated just yet, but I think I'm getting close.

I have a lot of big plans for this blog that are requiring more of my attention than I had intended because each day I wake up with a different plan or a different idea and I have to start a new list of things to get done. But I feel like I made a lot of progress through my trial and error last night. It should all be minor adjustments from here on out.

So why am I doing this now? Sadly, it's for the same reason I do everything; to procrastinate. If I'm up to my elbows in redesigns and website to-do lists I have an excuse to avoid things like Careerboard and Monster. Is it a legitimate excuse? Probably not, but I don't want to start re-writing my resume or scouring employment forums yet. Everything job-hunting related only disappoints me, but finally seeing a blog that reflects me feels rewarding, so I go with it.

Anyway, I just wanted to warn you. I'm not losing my mind--at least not completely--even if this blog does look entirely different each time you visit.

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