Saturday, March 7, 2009

Triumph. It tastes good.

Our friend Dina and her boyfriend Errington are coming down from Cleveland to visit tonight. We went back and forth a few times about what we wanted to do while they were in Akron and we finally settled on making dinner here. I wanted to do something a little fancier than grilled chicken and vegetables but I've been futzing around all day, finding every conceivable form of procrastination I can to prolong cleaning and grocery shopping and now I don't really have time for anything more extravagant. I should consider myself very lucky that Jon makes the best grilled chicken I've ever had so at least I know the food will be good.

My Triple Dog Dare is finally coming to a close today. Once I hit the Publish button I will have officially written a blog for every day in the first week of March. I'm shocked I was able to follow through with it. And it's been a lot harder than I thought it would be. I've always used the excuse that I'm too busy when attempting to talk myself into posting a blog entry but I never realized that I was actually telling the truth. I honestly thought I was just making it up. What I've discovered amidst this week is between the overtime at work, cooking, spending time with Jon and the dogs, keeping up with television shows, and getting to bed early enough to work out the next morning, there really isn't much time left for writing. All week I was pushing something back in the schedule in order to get a post in before midnight and I was always getting to bed way too late for a morning workout to happen. I have to figure out a more solid schedule that will work for me. Something that will give me at least 30 minutes each evening to get the thoughts out of my head and onto the computer screen. I made it work, I enjoyed it, but I can't go another week without working out because I can see the difference in body composition already.

A week ago I didn't want to do this dare at all but I felt it was something I should at least give a try. Today I want to find some way to make it keep going because despite the inconvenience of re-arranging my schedule I had a really good time with Deciphering Kate again. It also feels good to have made a little wiggle room in my head. I was pretty sure my brain was going to blow, scattering mutilated thoughts all over the place, if I didn't get something out soon.

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